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I have just informed the 2 teenagers in my slave chambers that Saturday will be the "All hands on deck" Day. At 8 AM they will be working for 4 hours to increase the happiness and the much needed yard work to make my life easier in the coming Summer. The list is long but the reward is a roof over their head, food to eat and electricity to charge their devices. It's amazing and wonderful. I am looking forward to Saturday and the happiness that will certainly be mine to appreciate. I LOVE sweat. It's like the perfume of reality.  Blowing-kisses I'm such a great motivator.I'm surprised I have never received an award.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.
Sweat--the perfume of reality.   28  I love that!
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Have a dance party after. Or pool party, or something fun and different. Also work is good for kids.
My brothers and I all have a work ethic because of being made to do stuff like that as kids. That probably falls in the top five of things we were taught.
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