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The Space Travelers
Annoying billionaires. Now Bill Gates sleaze, he will never live that down.

ATTENTION MAGGOT: Promise me you will watch the Behaviour Panel on youtube. They have their own channel. These guys are the top military interrogators in the world. They have even been on Dr Phil. The 4 of them get together and work out if someone is guilty or what.

Bill Gates was found to be minimizing his behaviour. He was blaming others and finally blink rate increasing indicating deception. You should watch that both you and Crash, you would love them.

It's nothing like those amateur sleuth shows where it's a bit disorganised. In contrast, they are a slick well oiled machine.
Maggot, did you watch the Behaviour Panel on Youtube, they've been on Dr. Phil they are like Army intelligence interrogators, they are the top guys in the world. So so so interesting.